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  • Success Story#1

    • 2019-11-15

    "My husband had not been receiving treatments for a year after at-work accident, but after I met Attorney Ellen Lee of Cana Law, he was able to start receiving treatments.

    In addition, my husband's case, which was known to be a difficult case, received good results with the efforts and interests of the attorney and her staff.

    We would like to thank the attorney and office staff who worked hard for us day and night for a positive outcome."


    This client was injured when he was working at a chicken meat processing factory and a sealing machine pressed his hand. After the injury, the employer directed the client to continue working despite the client's complaints of pain. When authorized treating physicians released the client telling that the client reached MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement), the employer's insurer closed the workers' compensation claim. Therefore, the client met doctors on his own and was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Nevertheless, the Employer refused to provide benefits and fired the client.

    After more than one year and five months passed since the work injury, the client finally hired Attorney Ellen Lee and our firm. We reviewed 326 pages of his medical records and 67 pages of email correspondence between the Employer/Insurer and the client, and served seven sets of discovery requests for investigation of this case. Authorized treating physicians commented that "this is a complex case." The presiding judge also commented that "this is one of the most complicated cases that I have ever seen during my legal practice of 30 years."

    We filed motion to quash, two motions for change of physician, and motion to compel that were all granted. We collected proper evidence and the hearing for this case lasted for 17 hours (2 days). Based on our brief and the hearing, the state board of workers' compensation awarded our client's request for TTD (calculated at $313.33 per week), late payment penalties, and a change in physician. Congratulations.


  • Review#2

    • 2019-03-12

  • Review#1

    • 2019-03-12