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Externship Story of Mr. Tariq Farah, JD Candidate 2019 at Emory University School of Law

  • 2021-03-26 23:50:00

I had a 4-month, 150-hour externship with attorney Ellen Lee, Esq.  Although the term was short, Attorney Lee and her firm contributed greatly to my legal career development.

While at Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq., I was able to learn how to litigate civil cases in Georgia courts; this involved drafting complaints, motions, and other legal documents, corresponding with other parties on behalf of clients, and conducting legal research. Attorney Lee and the staff at Cana Law were there to both help me along the way, and coordinate meaningful assignments so that I gained hands-on experience. Despite the learning curve, I could see the real, positive impact that each task I performed had upon the firm and our fantastic clients.

I now feel more comfortable with the legal profession, and not just regarding the technical practice of civil litigation -- after Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq., I know there are valuable, professional colleagues and clients out there to work with.

Best Wishes!

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