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Internship Story of Mr. Byung H. Kim, 2L at Emory Law School

  • 2021-03-26 22:58:00

I found out about the Cana Law Firm while I was starting my 2L at Emory Law School because I wanted to get more practical experience as an attorney. I did not apply to externships for 2L fall semester because I was undecided on coming back to law school at the time, so my next option was an internship.

So, this leads to the story of how I became involved in Cana. Since the start of law school, I have always been hesitant in continuing with the degree. It was my career advisor, Ragi, who actually convinced me to give my plans a second thought. Ragi has reached on numerous occasions on career opportunities that provides flexibility between the law and whatever subject matter I felt passionate about; you could say that she has been helping me decide what I truly want to do after my degree.

At the start of my 2L, Ragi reached out to me about an internship opportunity that was flexible with hours. I had already told her that I was looking for practical experience in the legal profession because I wanted exposure to the different fields of law.

I had an opportunity to work on many different legal works at the Cana Law Firm. Attorney Ellen Lee provided a lot of guidance in the procedural aspects of the job and provided many practical experiences for me as I prepare myself for my summer internship.

Cana provides a great work environment that fosters a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Even when there may be a long list of tasks that need to be completed, the attorney and staff help keep the work place stress-free and a special internship experience. The Cana Law Firm was an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the legal career through various experiences.

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