Trust and Faithfulness




Internship Story of Ms. Helen Chin, Senior at Georgia State University

  • 2021-03-26 22:59:00

Approaching the end of my undergraduate career in Political Science, I applied to Cana Law, LLC in hopes of obtaining experience in the field of law. Initially I was interested in this law firm due to the location. Being located in an area with diverse individuals, I saw an opportunity to learn about the community around me and finding the diverse areas in which the community may need legal aid.

Working under Attorney Ellen Lee, Esq. has allowed me to learn about the different areas of law. Working personally with clients and also those who need simple consultations, Attorney Ellen Lee is capable of providing a variety of services. This has been an exceptionally didactic experience for me that reflects the quality of this firm and the experience one can gain.

Being able to have a proactive role within this firm allows those individuals wanting a future in law the perfect amount of exposure.

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