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Cana Law Ellen Lee, Esq. is running Internship / Externship program

Cana Law Ellen Lee, Esq. is running Internship / Externship program to find and train talented students from law school, colleges and graduate schools in Atlanta area for the students to (1) gain a good amount of hands-on experience in assisting legal professionals.The interns who proved their ability to achieve their goals and exceed our expectations will (2) receive our recommendation letter spotlighting such strength when they leave this firm and (3) have credits when they apply to this lawfirm as professionals.

Selection Process: Submit required documents -> Interview -> Notification to applicants
Required documents: Resume & Writing Sample

If you have interest in our internship program, please send your required documents to

Externship story of Mr. Tariq Farah, JD Candidate 2019 at Emory University School of Law

I had a 4-month, 150-hour externship with attorney Ellen Lee, Esq.  Although the term was short, Attorney Lee and her firm contributed greatly to my legal career development. 
While at Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq., I was able to learn how to litigate civil cases in Georgia courts; this involved drafting complaints, motions, and other legal documents, corresponding with other parties on behalf of clients, and conducting legal research. Attorney Lee and the staff at Cana Law were there to both help me along the way, and coordinate meaningful assignments so that I gained hands-on experience. Despite the learning curve, I could see the real, positive impact that each task I performed had upon the firm and our fantastic clients.

I now feel more comfortable with the legal profession, and not just regarding the technical practice of civil litigation -- after Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq., I know there are valuable, professional colleagues and clients out there to work with. 
Best Wishes!

Internship story of Mr. Matthew Y. Chang, Senior at Emory University

I had first learned about Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq.’s internship program through an online job listing during my final semester at Emory University.  It seemed like a wonderful opportunity because it was very close to my school and I had recently become very interested in the field of law. 

Applying for this internship turned out to be one of the best decisions I made during my college career.  This firm encompasses a highly diverse variety of experiences and legal services, and as an intern, I have been able to immerse myself in all of these opportunities. Attorney Ellen Lee has taught me so much about the duties and responsibilities of a legal career, and she has always ensured that I understand the meaning behind the work.  I became involved in many hands-on tasks and enhanced my legal and professional skills. 

With all of the new experiences and work that I earn at Attorney Ellen Lee’s law firm, I become more confident about my future in the legal field, and I am sincerely grateful for all of the opportunities that the internship entails. 

Internship story of Ms. Helen Chin, Senior at Georgia State University

Approaching the end of my undergraduate career in Political Science, I applied to Cana Law, LLC in hopes of obtaining experience in the field of law. Initially I was interested in this law firm due to the location. Being located in an area with diverse individuals, I saw an opportunity to learn about the community around me and finding the diverse areas in which the community may need legal aid.
Working under Attorney Ellen Lee, Esq. has allowed me to learn about the different areas of law. Working personally with clients and also those who need simple consultations, Attorney Ellen Lee is capable of providing a variety of services. This has been an exceptionally didactic experience for me that reflects the quality of this firm and the experience one can gain.
Being able to have a proactive role within this firm allows those individuals wanting a future in law the perfect amount of exposure.

Internship story of Mr. Byung H. Kim, 2L at Emory Law School

I found out about the Cana Law Firm while I was starting my 2L at Emory Law School because I wanted to get more practical experience as an attorney. I did not apply to externships for 2L fall semester because I was undecided on coming back to law school at the time, so my next option was an internship.

So, this leads to the story of how I became involved in Cana. Since the start of law school, I have always been hesitant in continuing with the degree. It was my career advisor, Ragi, who actually convinced me to give my plans a second thought. Ragi has reached on numerous occasions on career opportunities that provides flexibility between the law and whatever subject matter I felt passionate about; you could say that she has been helping me decide what I truly want to do after my degree.

At the start of my 2L, Ragi reached out to me about an internship opportunity that was flexible with hours. I had already told her that I was looking for practical experience in the legal profession because I wanted exposure to the different fields of law.
I had an opportunity to work on many different legal works at the Cana Law Firm. Attorney Ellen Lee provided a lot of guidance in the procedural aspects of the job and provided many practical experiences for me as I prepare myself for my summer internship.

Cana provides a great work environment that fosters a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Even when there may be a long list of tasks that need to be completed, the attorney and staff help keep the work place stress-free and a special internship experience. The Cana Law Firm was an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the legal career through various experiences.


Internship story of Ms. Alice Oh, Prelaw at Emory University

I first heard about Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq. through Handshake’s internship listings and eagerly applied.  As a rising junior attending Emory University, I knew that I wished to gain experience in the field of law before I applied to law schools in the future. 

Joining Attorney Ellen Lee’s team was an amazing decision because it gave me just the exposure I needed. Working under Attorney Ellen Lee allowed me to gain hands on experience in several areas of law. From drafting legal documents to making edits, interns have much practical knowledge to gain from the tasks we are given. I have not only improved my legal writing skills, but have also gained exposure to interactions with clients in a legal context. I believe that my experience at this firm will serve as a foundation for my future legal studies. Attorney Ellen has guided me as well as the other interns with excellent mentorship and I am eager to see what other experiences I will gain from this internship.

Internship story of Mr. Yeong Min Ahn, JD Candidate 2020 at Emory University School of Law

I found out about Cana Law LLC, Ellen Lee Esq. during my 2L year and as I was looking for an internship. I was interested in the area of personal injury and I wanted to gain hands-on experience in the area. Working with attorney Lee provided me the experience I needed.

While working at this law firm, from making appointments for perspective clients to attending a court hearing, I was able to experience how a law firm handles each case. I learned how to correspond with other representatives, prepare court documents, and draft legal documents. These were all part of experiences that I could not receive from law school alone. These experiences certainly contributed greatly to my future career.

My internship at this firm was an excellent opportunity for me to grow professionally as an aspiring law student. Most importantly, I have learned that being a lawyer is about serving the client the best way I can.

Internship Story of Ms. Margaret Hu, J.D. Candidate 2021 at Emory University School of Law

I found out about Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq. during the summer after I finished my first year at law school. I applied for an internship because I wanted to gain pragmatic legal experiences and to prepare myself for the fast-pace law firm environment. 

The internship turned out to be an amazing and rewarding experience. Working under Attorney Ellen Lee has exposed me to diverse aspects of legal practice. Tasks from drafting legal documents and doing research, to communicating directly with clients and other related personnel prepared me with practical legal skills. Attorney Lee also taught me how to build solid work ethic. Under her guidance, I learned that each task I was given was a meaningful step. 

I highly recommend trying out an internship or externship at this law firm for individuals who want to have hands-on experiences and to develop a mindset ready for a legal career. 

Internship story of Ms. Grace Kim, Senior at Emory University

I had the opportunity to work as a summer intern for about 3 months at Cana Law, LLC Ellen Lee, Esq., which I applied through Handshake. It is needless to say that an internship opportunity at this firm is a great exposure for an individual pursuing a future in the law related field. On the other hand, as a student double majoring in Economics and Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS), I can confidently state that it is also a great experience for those pursuing a career in different fields as well.

Working for Attorney Ellen Lee has taught me the following:

1. How to overcome social anxiety by interacting with clients,
2. How to improve communication skills through interacting with co-workers, and
3. How to effectively perform given tasks within deadline.

I have also gained practical knowledge. For example, I edited and drafted numerous documents during my internship which provided and improved one of the most important life-skills one needs to work anywhere. Also, I believe this internship taught me what responsibility and reliability means as person working under a company. With the experiences I have obtained from this internship, I feel more ready for other professional fields and I thank Attorney Ellen Lee for her mentorship which shaped me into a better person.